Nabil in France at the Golden Globe Race pre-race events. (Photo: Golden Globe Race 2018/PPL)

From GGR: Nabil Amra, the US based Palestinian sailing the Biscay 36 Liberty II formally announced his retirement from the race today after reaching Tenerife overnight. Nabil Amra, who reported on Monday that a weld had broken on his Beaufort wind vane self steering, has made the decision not to continue. As he battled his way across 35knot winds en-route to Tenerife, the Palestinian messaged: “Wind and waves in the teeth…Sailing is better with friends.” This was followed by: “Violently ill now..No sleep for 4 days.” It is clear that he has had enough—for now.

It is with heavy hearts that Nabil announced his retirement from the GGR18 race today. The truth lies in the statement “To make it to the start is the win”. The challenges that were overcome with a lack of a sponsor, the lateness of the refit, diesel leaks, water leaks, last minute solo miles and safety checks to just name a few, makes the accomplishment to be at the start line on race day one like no other. To that my friends – we celebrate!

The gratitude from the support and kindness received from countless people can never be fully expressed.

We will continue to watch and update his progress as he makes his way to port.

This is not the end, simply a new beginning.

Nabil is safe at port at the marina in Tenerife, Spain. He is exhausted, but doing better after suffering many nights without sleep and his first round of sea sickness (in reference to his text yesterday of being “violently ill”).

Although he will not continue on in the GGR18 race, knowing Nabil, the next adventure remains right around the corner.

There are many pictures left to post, thanks to be given, updates to be made-so stay tuned!