“Don’t Give Up The Ship!” — the dying words of U.S. Navy Captain James Lawrence

James Lawrence (October 1, 1781 – June 4, 1813) was an American naval officer. During the War of 1812, he commanded USS Chesapeake in a single-ship action against HMS Shannon commanded by Philip Broke. He is probably best known today for his last words or “dying command” “Don’t give up the ship!”, which is still a popular naval battle cry, and which was invoked by Oliver Hazard Perry’s personal battle flag, adopted to commemorate his dead friend. (Wikipedia )

Above: A feature from the United States Naval Academy Museum: Today’s object is the original flag bearing this famous navy saying which has inspired generations of sailors. There is no error in the title – the original flag does not include an apostrophe. The actual flag is on display in the United States Naval Academy’s museum. Dr. Scott Harmon takes us through the story of heroism that inspired the flag and also helps us understand the extensive conservation effort to help preserve the flag for future generations.