ROCHESTER, Minn. – Imagine quitting your job to embark on a 9 month journey sailing around the world, without any modern technology.

That’s what Nabil Amra is doing. He’s participating in the Golden Globe Race, where skippers race sailing around the world.

Nadir Amra is his cousin and lives in Rochester. He said when he first found out about his cousin’s decision, he was nervous.

“To go solo, without phones and any electronic equipment he usually uses, that seems kind of dangerous. But it’s something he wanted to do,” Nadir said. “We’re always going to be worried until he gets home.”

But Nadir and the family supports Nabil, especially since he is sailing for a reason close to the family’s heart.

“To bring light to what’s going on in Palestine,” Nabil said. “There’s a connection, we’ve always gone back, we have a lot of family there.”

Nadir is representing Team Palestine and hopes sailing around the world will help bring awareness to the state.

“Especially in Gaza, where they’re just being suffocated over there, that’s what he wants to shed some light on,” Nabil said. “What’s happening in Palestine and Gaza, it’s not the worst thing in the world but it’s something the U.S. has influence.”

Nabil is on his way to France and skippers with the race are scheduled to depart from the country on July 1st.